Friday, July 15, 2011

KERALA ENGINEERING MEDICAL KEAM 2011- all doubts & queries regarding RANK LIST

1. How was the rank list prepared?

The Entrance Examination for Engineering courses 2011 was conducted on 18th
(Paper-I Physics & Chemistry) and 19th (Paper – II Mathematics) April 2011. The 
marks secured by the candidates in the  Entrance Examination were published on 24.05.2011.  
Those candidates who have qualified in the Engineering Entrance Examination 
were directed to submit the marks obtained for Mathematics, Physics and 
Chemistry/Computer Science/Biotechnology/Biology in the Second year Plus Two or 
equivalent qualifying examination through the website from 
06.06.2011 to 17.06.2011 and to submit the duly signed copy of Mark Submission 
Data and attested copies of  Plus Two mark sheets on or before 20.06.2011 to the 
Commissioner for Entrance Examinations.  The marks submitted by the candidates 
were subsequently published on the web site for verification on 24.06.2011 and the 
candidates were directed to inform changes, if any, in the published data on or 
before 30.06.2011. Out of 65632 candidates  qualified in the Engineering Entrance 
Examination 56336 candidates have submitted their marks in the qualifying 
examination to the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations till 30.06.2011. The 
data submitted by candidates till 30.06.2011 has been considered for the 
preparation of rank list. 
For the preparation of Engineering Rank list, equal weightage was given to 
the marks obtained in the Entrance Examination for Engineering (Paper I &          
Paper II put together) and the grade/marks obtained for Mathematics, Physics and 
Chemistry/Computer Science/Biotechnology/Biology put together in the Second 
year of the qualifying examination (Plus  Two or equivalent), after effecting the 
normalization procedure as described in Clause 9.7.4 (b)(ii) of the Prospectus. 

2. How was normalisation done?

The statistical parameters used for normalization of marks of various boards 
are given in Appendix-I. Some of the Boards/Authorities did not provide the 
statistical parameters/data essential for the process of normalization of marks of 
those candidates who studied for the qualifying examination under their stream. 
The marks of candidates from such Boards have been normalized based on the 
criteria decided upon by the Committee constituted vide G.O.(Rt) 
No.2426/2010/H.Edn. dated 22.12.2010 and the decision is final and binding on the 
applicant. Marks obtained by the candidate in  the Engineering Entrance Examination 
(Paper I & Paper II put together) is computed out of 500, and added to the total 
normalized marks of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/Computer Science/ 
Biotechnology/Biology as the case may be in the Qualifying Examination computed 
out of 500, both corrected to 4 places of decimals. The rank list for Engineering 
Courses is thus prepared based on the total marks obtained out of 1000, computed 
as above. 

3. Why the results of some candidates were withheld?

The results of a few candidates are withheld for the reason of not submitting 
the duly signed printout of Mark Submission Data/attested copies of mark sheets of 
qualifying examination. The marks submitted online by these candidates as such is 
taken for the preparation of Engineering rank list considering it as the marks 
obtained in the Second year of qualifying examination. Their results will be released 
only on submission of the duly signed declaration along with attested copies of the 
original mark sheets of the qualifying examination

4. What if the submitted details are wrong?

In case, the marks submitted by 
the candidate which have been used for the preparation of the rank list differ from 
the actual marks secured by that candidate, he/she will be disqualified. No further 
communication will be entertained in this regard. Such candidates will also be liable 
for penal action in accordance with law. 

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