Thursday, May 26, 2011


The KEAM 2011, Kerala Engineering Entrance Examination results are out. The students are in confusion how to submit the options. The CORRECT solution is that you have to WAIT till the first week of June. The government and the education department of Kerala are still having discussions about normalisation. This would take time.
The official website for option registration of B.Tech / engineering entrance was

But if you visit this site you can see that it's not the site meant for option registration.
A NEW website will be opened for this purpose.
So just enjoy your vacation and wait till the first week of June.

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  1. The Normalisation and the consequential delay in the admission process is preplanned by the previous government to facilitate the filling up of seats at Engineering Colleges at Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The previous LDF government very wisely calculated the out come of election and formulated the plan to facilitate the other state's private engineering colleges fill their seats by the Kerala students for whom they establish the colleges with huge investment. The last five years the LDF government has successfully manipulated the admission procedure and delayed the admission in Kerala, thus helped the flow of students to other states. This year the Government expected the failure in the election and introduced a strategy that no one can complete in a stipulated time. they must have bagged a huge reward for the same.

  2. old is gold
    please obey the old rules of engineering till 2010. new rules make the students and parents tensed.this is the request of parents in Kerala.i expect good from you

  3. @ bobby : well if the LDF government would do such a cheap act , then they are not saints in UDF . they would have had as much share as the LDF government or may be even more coz afterall they are the ruling party. how could such a thing take place without there knowledge ?
    so better back off.......